Monique Smith

writer + photographer

New Book Released

Finding Antamond Available Now

Finding Antamond Book

Follow the link below or visit any online book retailer to purchase your print or ebook copy of the new young adult book Finding Antamond. Ebook available for kindle.

About Me

My background

Monique Smith is an Ohio native who has always loved a good story no matter the genre. Once she flew the nest to college in Indiana, she attended Anderson University where she received her degree in communications. She spent her years there learning scriptwriting, copywriting, and broadcasting. Her broadcasting experience taught her the ins and outs of a camera which is where her love of photography began to grow and she started working on the side as an Indianapolis photographer. Her interest in writing developed as she began writing copy for radio spots and devoured movie after movie and book after book just so she could critique the story. She currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her hoosier husband and two kids. She recently released her first young adult book Finding Antamond. Though she is a young adult writer she doesn't see herself restricted by a single genre.

My writing roots

As a kid who took AP English for fun in high school and took literature and creative writing classes in college just to fill some needed credit hours in addition to her major, Monique has always enjoyed studying the human imagination. 

My style

Monique's style of writing is witty, conversational, and full of complex characters. People are multidemsional with a mixture of emotions and she enjoys revealing her characters through their own conversations. What better way do you get to know someone but by having a conversation. Her photographic style is to capture people as their best selves. No fancy instructions, just be you.